Huckleberry Finn

Chapters 9-12

How did the man in the floating house die?
He was shot in the back.
How was the house useful to Jim and Huck?
They retrieved items they could sell and use for themselves.
To the woman of forty, Huck played what new role?
A runaway apprentice, whom she "helped" find his way.
Why were there three and two hundred dollar rewards out for Jim and old Finn?
Jim has a three hundred dollar reward out for him because he's a runaway slave worth five hundred dollars and some people thing he was Huck's murderer. Pap has a two hundred dollar reward out for him because he came to town the morning after and told all about the murder, went on the ferryboat ride to hunt for Huck's body, then up and left. The next day Pap comes back to retrieve Huck's money from Judge Thatcher and actually recieved some. He only got the money because he said he was going to Illinois to find Jim, but hasn't been seen since. Now everyone things he killed Huck so that he could have all that money without a court case.
Who didn't want to slink around the stranded steamboat?
Jim didn't because before he got on he thought there would be a watchman but after they got on he really didn't want to be there due to the fact there were to men about to kill a third man.